DSS-4K, probably with distance the fastest slideshow program you will find. In only 2 seconds from hundreds of photos a high-quality UHD-Slideshow with background music will be automatically created. Asolute's 'highlight' is the immediately playable interactive 'live mode'. But also videos can be generated in very good quality by real-time recording.

In Detail



Enjoy your experiences!
DSS-4K was specialized in the creation of more extensive slide shows especially for vacations, weddings, ... .
The focus of the development was the display quality, a simple slideshow creation and last but not least, the best possible interactivity.
The main design features are soft cross-fades, dynamic color blends adapted to the image content and very even Ken Burns effects.
In addition, there are also a number of other classic slideshow transitions and also something 'CRAZY'.
DSS-4K intentionally does not create action clips, but they can be easily integrated if necessary (e.g. from Windows photo).


Super Fast

DSS-4K instantly creates a high-quality slideshow in the current screen resolution from all image, video and sound files of a folder.
In contrast to a video in which the slideshow has to be rendered (even by smallest changes), DSS-4K is instantly ready to play. Video editing programs often takes several hours to do this, in 4K also significantly more than 10 times of the video length (see comparison)!


Maximal Quality

DSS-4K always uses the original files and displays them in the current screen resolution without any loss of quality. 4K is not a problem with current laptops, but also higher resolutions are available with correspondingly powerful hardware.
At a video, these are always compressed again during the rendering process. A compromise must be made between the quality and the required memory.
The quality differences are especially clear in transitions and Ken Burns effects ! DSS-4K holds the full sharpness here without any artifacts (see comparision)!
Demo slideshows are available for download in Videos/Help+.


Low Memory Requirement

A live slideshow requires significantly less storage space than a video. Any number of variants of a slideshow can be saved without consuming any significant additional memory.
Since the slideshow folder always contains the original files, changes can be made in a very short time even after years.



In addition to the optimal quality, the very good controllability during playback is a main advantage of DSS-4K.
With a normal wireless mouse, a slideshow can be easely controlled completely manually or it can be just as easily intervened in an automatically played slideshow.
During breaks, the background music continues played at a reduced (adjustable) volume, so that you can have a quiet conversation about what is shown.
Using a scroll band, you can get to any part of the slideshow extremely quickly or jump from chapter to chapter!
In addition, DSS-4K can also be controlled via a Logitech compatible presenter.                    



Actually DSS-4K does everything automatically. However, since the recordings are not always in the correct order, are duplicate, have quality deficiencies, manual postprocessing is almost always necessary for extended requirements.
In the integrated storyboard, the recordings can be easily resorted and sorted out, chapters created, texts entered and 2 sound-tracks used. In addition to the preview window, there is also a full-screen view, in which an optimal comparison of similar recordings in the final appearance is possible.
Here too, as in the preview window, image detail, transparency, frame, background, ... can be set specifically for each file and a possibly oblique horizon can be very sensitively corrected.


Variable Output

When exporting, DSS-4K only copies the files that are actually used in the slideshow to a new folder.
Various options primarily serve to enable the files to be played easily with other applications.
This applies in particular to the automatic correction of rotated photos and videos, as well as optional video conversions to mp4.
Ascending or descending renumbering of the files ensures correct sorting in other applications (e.g.Photo-Book).
Videos can not be output directly from DSS-4K, but can be generated by recording a live slideshow in real time with very good quality up to 1080p/60fps (video sequences in a live slideshow of course in 4K!). 



In the live version, DSS-4K is free. However, if the automatically generated slideshows are reworked individually, slideshows can no longer be saved. This restriction can be removed at the price of 19.99€.
I would also like to greet you on 'Facebook' in the 'Photo-Video-Slideshow' group!

Die Main-Page von 4k Slideshow.

New slideshows can be created, existing ones loaded or saved via the Main-Page of DSS-4K.
In Storyboard you can also instantly switch to quicksort or full screen view.

Voreinstellungen der Programm- und Abspielparameter

In the PREFERENCES, you can also change the display duration, volume reduction of the background music for videos and breaks, playback mode (automatic/manual), loop mode, ... immediately before playing.
STYLES make it possible to give the slideshow a new look immediately. 

Export als Slideshow oder Ordner

Slideshows can be exported with different options and cuted videos can be shortened to the new length (otherwise only the relevant section is shown).
Photos and videos that are not in the normal orientation can be re-encoded so that they are displayed in the correct orientation on any device, even without DSS-4K.
In addition, the files can be renumbered in ascending or descending order.


Text can also be placed on multiple pages on photos and videos. Font, font size, alignment, foreground and background color, page color, ... are adjustable.
Sound-1 (background music) is played from the beginning in order. There is an automatic (adjustable) volume reduction at videos and breaks.
Sound-2 (comment effect track) enables the slideshow to be commented acoustically and can also be used for special effects (help +). This track can be switched off at any time in the default settings, e.g. if prefer to comment 'live'.


Videos can be cut both at the beginning and at the end. Normally, the entire video is preserved, just the relevant section is shown. When exporting, these videos are then shortened to the new length in order to save storage space and have the correct length for other purposes.

4k slideshow Quicksort

In the Quicksort-View, the photos and videos can be conveniently sorted and sorted using 'drag and drop'.
With a 'right click' you can open the file in question in Full-Screen-View.


In the Full-Screen-View, similar recordings can be compared particularly well in their final appearance.
Image sections as well as rotation, frame and transparency can be adjusted here more precisely than in the preview window.
This also applies to texts to the same extent, the visual appearance of which can also be optimized here.


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