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Super Quality

The following excerpts shows representatively the excellent quality of DSS-4K compared to a branded video editing program.
The output was in full HD (1080p60). 
In addition to the sharpness, the uniformity of these effects, including fades, is another quality feature of DSS-4K!
I am happy to consider concrete comparisons with attribution on this page, if companies agree.

Download: Original-File and Screenshots (also 4K)!

Extremely Fast

DSS-4K creates a slideshow of 500 photos / videos fully automatically in approx. 2 seconds when sorted by name.
DSS-4K is just as fast when it comes to manual post-processing, everything happens directly and without delay!
Videos can be recorded up to 1080p/60 in real time from a running slideshow.

Test-Times: (26 Photos-> 'Ken-Burns' + 2 Video-Clips -> CPU i5-6200U; RAM 8GB)  extrapolated to a one-hour slideshow:
DSS-4K :   Direct (4K) -> 2s,   Video 1080p/60 -> 1h
VIDEO-CUT: 4K -> 12h,  1080p/60 -> 3h:20m

Detail 100%
Detail 200%


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