Super Quality

The following excerpts shows representatively the excellent quality of DSS-4K compared to a branded video editing program.
This becomes particularly clear with 'Ken Burns' / 'Zoom' effects, where many programs have their problems.
The output was in full HD (1080p60).
In addition to the sharpness, the uniformity of these effects, including fades, is another quality feature of DSS-4K!
I am happy to consider concrete comparisons with attribution on this page, if companies agree.

Download: Original-File and Screenshots (also 4K)!

Extremely Fast

DSS-4K creates a slideshow of 500 photos / videos fully automatically in approx. 2 seconds when sorted by name.
DSS-4K is just as fast when it comes to manual post-processing, everything happens directly and without delay!
Videos can be recorded up to 1080p/60 in real time from a running slideshow.

Test-Times: (26 Photos-> 'Ken-Burns' + 2 Video-Clips -> CPU i5-6200U; RAM 8GB) extrapolated to a one-hour slideshow:
DSS-4K :   Direct (4K) -> 2s, Video 1080p/60-> 1h
VIDEO-CUT:  Video 4K -> 12h, 1080p/60 -> 3h:20m


Ausschnitt (1080p)
Ausschnitt 200%
Ken-Burns 200%

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